Rivers of waste, towers of garbage, massive pollutions, flood, illegal loggings and forest denudations are just some of the concrete evidence that man is living irresponsibly. Negligence of what you do today may have a greater effect for tomorrow. These actions must be put into an end or we shall always face the music of the devastating phenomenas made even stronger by these environmental changes.

                Last September 28, 2011 was no ordinary day for us Filipinos, for it was the day typhoon Pedring hit the country. He fiercely expressed his wrath particularly in Manila like bombs away hitting without prior warning. If you have seen the television reports, can’t you see? It’s a mess! If only the canals were not filled by garbage,  if only the forest was not deforested, if only we threw our waste in the proper areas. The fact is we can’t keep on saying “IF”! It needs action!

                For a change let us take action against these gigantic problems. Lets us Throw our garbage properly, conserve our natural resources and avoid doing things that will result5 into a big mess. Though words are never enough but it can be an instrument for change. Together, through unity and living responsibly, let us bring back the paradise we had before.
Bringing pride and glory to the vegetable-rich territory of Barangay Mantalongon, Ms. Lorraine Mitzi Ambrad was proclaimed as the new festival queen in the Search for Utanon Festival Queen during Dalaguete’s fifth Utanon Festival held last February 10, 2012 at the Dalaguete Sports and Cultural Complex. The contest was as ever an exciting one to watch since all the candidates, amid the cheers and applause of their respective supporters, did everything they could do to get the judges’ nod.

Representing Barangay Mantalongon, the 15-year-old student from Mantalongon National High School bested nine other candidates representing different barangays.  Barangay Mantalongon also captured the first place in Street Dancing Competition which was held in the afternoon around the major streets at the town proper.  The festival queen also won three special awards that included “Best in Group Production Presentation”, “Best Solo Performer”, and “Ms. Photogenic Award”.  Ms. Lorraine garnered more than 2000 Facebook Likes that ranked her number one in online votes which is 25% of the Photogenic Award.

Rollie Ann Rebusit of Barangay Banhigan was the first runner-up and was also awarded the “Best in Opening Production Number”.  Kathleen Mae Gelaga of Barangay Poblacion was second runner-up and her contingent captured third place in Street Dancing Competition.  Maria Reziele Sombilon, representing Barangay Casay, nabbed third runner-up including the “Best in Festival Costume” award.  Completing the list of major award winners was Ma. Nikka Baran of Barangay Tapon as the fourth runner-up and her group got second place in Street Dancing Competition.